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Viagra action: reviews of tablets
Viagra pills for men dastiarakel not recommended for boys under the age of 18. This drug was developed for the treatment of severe sexual disorders in Mature men. Thus, viagra will have no effect on a healthy young body. Reviews of the drug leave men from 27 to 70 years.


"my Wife is 23 years younger and also quite temperamental, so as 4 years have to resort to the help of viagra online. Take a tablet about 1 time in 1-2 weeks. No side effects were observed, except that sometimes after sexual intercourse there is shortness of breath, but it is not surprising at this age."


"erectile Dysfunction has been observed for more than 10 years. The dissatisfied face of the partner absolutely beat off desire to have sex. Therefore, it happened less and less. I borrowed a pill from a friend on his birthday. Relaxed atmosphere, nice girls, all this led to strong sexual arousal. After a couple of hours he was lying in bed with a young beauty! The tablet helped to "work" for 3 hours! All I want to buy a package, but the hands do not reach. And so, I would recommend".


"for a Long time abused alcoholic beverages. A year ago I gave up, started to play sports, lead a healthy lifestyle. Soon there was even a girl. Sex before that for a long time was not engaged, and under the influence of alcohol at the last time sexual intercourse took place unsuccessfully. Here is it and loomed punishment for past sins-erection has become very a weak, gender an act of not was able bring until the end of. The second time could not fail, so bought viagra. Nobody's recommendations are not read, the doctor did not go, just went to the pharmacy and bought a "VGR 50". Immediately I'd say, that helped. There were no problems, everything went with a Bang. However, a little depressing thought that at his young age have to resort to such potent drugs. Therefore, I will look for other ways to restore my male health."


"I Tried viagra a couple of years ago, when there were problems with erection. Everything was fine, the sex was good! However, I still think that this drug is for the elderly. All erection disorders should be treated with regular sex with your girlfriend. After 2-3 months of such therapy all the problems disappeared. Buy viagra click here"


I want to share my positive experience of taking the drug. The first time I tried Viagra at age 25. It was just interesting. And still periodically use. I'm not impotent. Just with Viagra is much longer and better (up to 5 times per night). And the orgasm is such that will not describe words;


Not all Viagra suited. Didn't fit. Wanted new sensations and tried the smallest dosage (25 mg). As a result, I started to have a terrible headache. Was sick strongly, about 3 hours. No pill for my headache helped me. And not before sex was for me. Sexual intercourse was as usual, no more than 30 minutes. The sensation is also normal. Maybe I chose a small dosage? Or maybe I just did not fit the drug;


I take Viagra regularly, about 1-2 times a week. Erection is long and great for my age. I unpack the pill in advance and put it in my pocket so that my girlfriend would not guess anything. I noticed that the tablet gives a greater effect if you take it not every day, but 2 times a week.


"After a long time there was no intimate relationship, a new girl. It didn't work the first night. Self-esteem plummeted. The next time I decided to buy a tablet of viagra. No side effects were observed, everything went fine, the erection was very long. But at the price of such a drug constantly can not afford, so I will look for a new tool."